Below gives you an over view of our daily camps at Willow's Forest School. No day is ever the same and there is minimal structure, but we do have a beginning, a middle and an end! The bits in between we hand over to the children and let them make their own choices. We have a huge variety of resources available and we have many children who like to have a go at anything crafty, whereas we have others who enjoy skill based tasks like tying knots, orienteering, whittling, cooking or going on scavenger hunts. There really is something for every child to enjoy.        

Willow’s Forest Camp, Surrey - A place for your intrepid explorer to connect with nature


We welcome all the children together at the start of the day. We introduce ourselves, we deliver a safety talk, followed by the whole group familiarising them selves with the site and running a risk assessment. Each staff member demonstrates what activities will be running through out the day. We then let the children explore and give them time to find their feet. This is our time to ensure all of the children have made friends and are happy.   

Willow’s Forest Camp, Surrey - A place for your intrepid explorer to connect with nature


After a relaxed morning, where the children have made their own choices, we ask the children to visit the toilet and wash their hands. We usually have lunch at about 1230. This gives us time to run some activities, whilst others may be den building, bug hunting or making new friendships. We ask for the children to bring in a healthy, nut free packed lunch and 2 drinks. Once they are all fed and watered, we go for a walk, do some tree identification or blackberry picking followed by a selection of fun games, for all ages.