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We are taking bookings for the Spring term, which starts on Monday 10th January 2022. During this term we are running Forest School Classes, with the option to book unaccompanied, Stay and Play Classes, Parent and Baby Coffee mornings/afternoons and Taster Classes! If you would like to know more about what forest school is, please click on the FSA logo above.

Spring Term

Forest School 1000-1200 & Stay & Play 1000-1100 starts at £11

We start back on Monday 10th January. This class is for 1 - 4 years, which is accompanied by one parent per child. You can either book the 1 or 2 hour classes and you can upgrade any time. There is the option to book unaccompanied slots too, see below. Here is the link to book https://bookwhen.com/willowsforestschool     

We accept Childcare vouchers and Tax Free vouchers.  

Forest School Drop and Go Classes for Rising 4's

We have 4 slots per 2 hour class, 1000-1200 for children aged 3 to 5 years old. This is ideal (but not essential) for children who have been with us before, they are familiar with our setting and the teams, so attending unaccompanied will be quite a smooth transition. We have a NEW  "Preschool drop and go"  introductory offer running on Wednesday mornings, solely for this age range.  We ask for each child to be able to manage the toilet and demonstrate a good understanding of our Forest School rules. Here is the link to book https://bookwhen.com/willowsforestschool   We accept Childcare vouchers and Tax Free vouchers.  

Forest School Taster Classes 1000-1200

If you would like to find out more about what we do, we welcome you to book a taster class using this link  https://bookwhen.com/tastersession  

Introduce a friend and get £10 off the following term. If you are an existing customer of ours and you invite a friend to join our taster class, we ask them to add your name to their booking form. If they go onto book the following term, (2 hour class) we will reimburse you £10. We ask you to book the term and we will then action the £10 saving! If you wish to invite more than one friend, the more the merrier!! Use this link to book


If your child is a Foxhills Junior Member, you can book a complimentary ticket, when attending one of our classes at Foxhills.  

Parent and Baby Coffee Sessions 1245-1415 starts at £3 - PAYG is available

We are running a few coffee sessions for Parents and babies up to 12 months. This is a chance for parents to spend some time with others around our camp fire, with a cuppa and cake. There will be baby sensory for non movers and mud play for movers! Please use this link to book https://bookwhen.com/willowsforestschool   


We offer Early Bird Offers, which get snapped up super fast. We offer discounted sibling rates and we offer 10% discounts to Junior Foxhill's members attending our Foxhill's site.      https://bookwhen.com/willowsforestschool 



Forest School sessions are booked in full terms from Spring 2022. Our sessions start from £11 when booking a full term. This fee is then multiplied by the number of weeks in each term. Siblings receive 55% off their tickets. There are payment plans available but we do specify that if you are receiving a discounted ticket, full payment must be paid at the time of your booking. If you opt to pay in instalments, this is possible when paying for a fully priced ticket. We accept Tax Free Childcare vouchers - book offline & release the funds from your provider to us and we will confirm your booking.  


As we approach our 8th year, we are proud to be running public classes every day of the week across Surrey. We would usually allow you to swap classes if our numbers allow but at this current time we are not able to offer this.  If you wish to bring an additional adult to help with more than one paying child, this is fine. We are still requesting that one adult attends when accompanying one child and our preference is the same adult each week please.       

Our mascot - Willow the Fox

Willow plays a huge part in all of our lessons. The children love him! Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Making friendships

These guys have been friends since they were 2 years old. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Tippy tap

The children wash their hands in pairs by using clean running water using our high tech tippy tap Willow's Forest School - Surrey


Puppets made from natural resources. The children created their own puppet show. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Brace and bit

Drilling holes to make a medal. A safety glove is worn on the non operating hand. Willow's Forest School - Surrey


This little girl is holding a worm correctly with a flat hand before she returns him to his natural habitat. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Saving the best till last!

Sometimes the children make smores by squashing a marshmallow in between 2 biscuits. Yum! Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Come back!

This little guy found Willow's underground house! Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Cheerio bird feeders

Threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners is a simple way to feed the birds. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

The Gruffalo made a visit!

Yum...our very own Gruffalo cake! Willow's Forest School - Surrey


We welcome baby siblings but they must be wrapped up really well. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Mud pack !

We enjoy celebrating International Mud Day every year but this little one likes celebrating it every week Willow's Forest School - Surrey


One of the mum's reading a lovely story. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Hapa zome

Using a mallet, calico and a fresh leaf, the children enjoy making pretty leaf prints. Willow's Forest School - Surrey


The children learn to weave with leaves and as their skills develop they will move onto willow weaving. Willow's Forest School - Surrey


Whittling hazel sticks to make a mouse. Some children were very creative and made their mouse a nest. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Bird watching

Having a peaceful moment listening to the woodland sounds and watching the birds. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Mouse Mandala

The children created their own mouse using soggy leaves for the face, a conker for the nose, wooden circles for the eyes and sticks for whiskers. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Being creative

This duo made their own nest to sit in! They used pebbles for eggs. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

King of the forest!

How proud is this little fella. What a wonderful crown. Willow's Forest School - Surrey

Bringing our skills together.

Using a bow saw the children cut a piece of wood. Using a brace and bit, the children drilled a hole and then thread a leaf through the hole to make a miniature tree. Willow's Forest School - Surrey


Raking all the leaves up to make leaf mould. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Collecting rain water

Transporting water from a butt rather than a tap. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


Toasting marshmallows at the end of the session. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


Words fail us! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Festive sticks

We have great fun at Christmas time! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


Playing hide and seek!! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Armistice Day

The children gathered lots of red leaves and made a huge poppy shape. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


In the colder months the children are offered a warm drink. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


Toasting fresh figs and honey. Yum! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Crown making

This little girl and her mum are finding leaves to decorate a forest crown. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


This little dude loves rolling freely in the mud! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Meet the team!

This is our lovely bunch of Preschool teachers. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Firework Mandala

Wow, the children made a rocket on fireworks day, by collecting loads of leaves, conkers and sticks. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Guess who?

A mask made from a leaf. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Art fun

We get watery mud or crushed garlic leaves and we let the children paint using sticks as paint brushes. Usually the parents end up having a go! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Seed bombs

The children are preparing the garden before they throw seed bombs, to make a pretty meadow garden for the bees. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Autumn fun

Angel wings on an Autumn day! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Charcoal artwork

Using the charcoal we made, one of the mums drew our forest school! How amazing! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Mother and baby

Baby siblings are welcome to attend our Pre-school classes Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Birthday celebrations

Two forest school candles for 2 special boys...but one little boy could not resist joining in! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Hanging around

Hanging about in the woods. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Mud kitchen

Making lots of mud concoctions! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


Taking some time out in our hammock. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Decorating with crushed garlic leave

The children enjoyed smashing garlic leaves into paint. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Identifying bugs

This little guy enjoyed seeing all the different creep crawlies under his log seat. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


This little girl is demonstrating the safety position when using a knife. The younger children use potato peelers. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


The children care for our hedgehogs by leaving out food and water for them. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


This little man chose to fill buckets of wood chip to deliver to the bug hotel. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


Getting braver, balancing on the ropes! Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Story time

Chilling in the woods with a story book. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


Working as a team, these guys used a bow saw to cut wood. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Fairy Garden

The children made their own fairy garden. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Leaf identification

We discussed the colours, textures and sizes of many leaves. The children know to use the leaves on the ground and not those attached to trees. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


Just by getting some rope and an old pallet, this child is having so much fun with her Mummy. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Having fun in the rain !

These guys are dressed perfectly for wet day at Willow's Forest School. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Fire building

Collecting snappy sticks for our fire. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey


This little girl is carefully walking with a log, she is helping to make a home for our hedgehog family. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey

Robin Hood!

Bow and arrows made from fresh willow and paracord. Willow’s Forest School, Surrey