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Plumptious & Scrunchy.....Blackberries!

We all love the challenge of eating a is going to be deliciously sweet or make us scrunch our faces up from the sharpness!

Forage for them in late August. They are a superfood being high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and brilliant to cook with, making fruit crumbles or a fruit puree or, even more delicious, a syrup to go in a drink.

At our Willow's Forest School sessions in Sutton Green, Ottershaw, Chertsey and Worplesdon, we smoosh them up to make blackberry ‘paint’.

Our little Forest Folk make their own paintbrushes. Using a mallet they bash the end of a stick of holly, flattening it out, et voila, a woodland paintbrush! Blackberry Art is a big favourite, creating all sorts of wonders on paper or fabric to take home and display.

Fancy joining us for some foraging fun? We run Parent and Toddler Classes and Holiday Camps across Surrey. For further information visit

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