Terms and Conditions....

Dear Customer,

All of our classes offer huge amounts of fun however we do have a serious side and we do have rules which we urge you to read before booking. 

The beauty of forest schools, is we have a high staff to child ratio, because of the content of the classes e.g bow sawing, making fires. There is a huge amount of work involved in our lesson plans, we spend a lot of our time collecting resources and preparing the activities and we allocate our staff based on the booked figure.

We take huge pride in offering a variety of activities to all of the children, week after week, year after year. If someone books and then for whatever reason wants to change their plans, it is likely we have already allocated the team and prepared and met the cost of our lesson plans and maintenance of our sites. It is not always possible to refund you, so please be mindful of this before booking. We will try to be as accommodating as possible but we hope you understand we work very differently to many other toddler classes because we purchase different materials every season, to make our sessions really inspiring and educational. Willow's would not be half of what it is, if it wasn't for all the activities we provide,  so we use the funds raised to give the children the very best, in a safe environment and we meet this cost by using our customers fees, therefore we cannot always refund customers when their circumstances have changed. We will do all we can to help but we ask you not to book with us, if you do not agree with our policy.

Of course, if there is someone willing to take your place before the term starts, we will refund your fees minus a £5 admin fee but we cannot just offer refunds at the drop of a hat, however you are very welcome to transfer your booking to the following term or you can have a voucher and use the funds at a different time. The same principle applies when you ask to switch between different classes that may have a different value.  

Please be aware if you book using Tax Free Childcare Vouchers or Tax Free Childcare, you are agreeing to our T&C;s below.      

When you use our booking system we ask that you have read our T&C's, so if you click yes, we will assume you have read this page and are fully aware of our policies and procedures.  

We value your custom and thank you for taking the time to read.


Willow's Forest School Team   



Willow’s Forest School is a limited company and holds full Public Liability Insurance and has Legal Protection. Please be aware that activities take place over rough natural ground and although we take every precaution to ensure safe play, accidents may occur. The staff are all First Aid Trained, DBS checked and we risk assess our site and put boundaries in place to ensure a safe experience for the children. Be prepared that your child will sometimes come home muddy and wet but they will have had a great day!


When you book with us, you will find the kit list, maps, directions etc on the booking system or you can visit our website www.willowsforestschool.co.uk You will not receive this information by email. You will however receive a reminder 48 hours before your child attends with us. It is a requirement to fill in all the fields when using our booking system.  Please refrain from booking other peoples children. The reason for this is we work off the information given to us and we cannot be liable if we have not been given the correct details. It is vital we have the correct contact details and accurate information about all of the children.