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Recycling Pumpkins!

It has been a right old pumpkiny sort of time at Willows Forest School. 🌳 🦊 🎃

There has been pumpkin carving for Halloween 🎃 stirring up mud kitchen potions and stews in the empty shell 🎃 saving the seeds to sow in spring, making bird feeders by putting a mixture of lard and seed into the shell, even making spiky hedgehogs! The children loved hammering sticks into the pumpkin.

Did you know pumpkins are rich in vitamins and minerals so the scooped out flesh can be cooked up into a delicious soup or yummy muffins as one of our mums made!

5 ways to recycle your pumpkins : 1. Pumpkins being 90% water break down easily in your garden compost, 2. Make a bird feeder by mixing up seed and lard and filling up the empty shell. 3. Chop them up and leave them out for our wildlife friends. Squirrels love them 4. Dry the seeds, keep them in a cool place and sow them in a pot next spring 🌱 5. Leave the nutritious seeds out for wildlife. Happy Recycling 🎃

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